Of water, glass, and air

Marianne, Margot, and Kristina Knipe

A collaboration between two sisters and their mother exploring the intersection of their dreams, fears, and experiences with their body. This installation was on view at Staple Goods Gallery in New Orleans in 2018.

Within the gallery space, wallpaper, textiles, furniture, and flower arrangements reference domestic interiors and decorative arts, realms that are traditionally associated with and visually controlled by women. Undertones of violence against women are made visible through drawings of Kristina’s nightmare by Marianne and an audio recording of Margot’s account of a nightmare and her ongoing struggle with sleep paralysis. These respective nightmares and the fear of loss of control of the body illuminate subconscious fears that are the result of toxic masculinity. Margot’s voice emanates from a bright red curtain and is audible throughout the exhibition, causing the viewer to encounter her private experience. To further explore agency over the body, Marianne, Margot, and Kristina fingerprinted upon a collective body, externalizing personal experiences with touch.

The exhibition also includes photographic portraits of Margot and Marianne, additional hidden audio of a Tarot card reading of Marianne's from the 1980s in a pillow, and a video of Kristina sleeping was viewable in the gallery in the daytime and through the window of Staple Goods Gallery at night.

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